Crean & Company is an online gallery founded by collector Nick Crean. The gallery acts as a digitally curated space with viewing rooms full of curiosity, colour and conversation - a timely online celebration of artists, makers and collectors.


The artists and makers who make up the “& Company” are each creative explorers, always assessing their own talents and finding a very personal language through which to tell their stories. Combining that trilogy of eye, mind and hand, their works are full of colour, originality, texture, draughtsmanship and sheer hard work. 


Founder Nick Crean says: ‘The pleasure of collecting sits at the heart of Crean & Company’s ambition to introduce artists and makers. I have no more forgotten the story of the first painting I ever fell in love with, than I look forward to the excitement with which I will meet the next. By bringing artists and collectors together we will be able to create a classical dynamic, the art of patronage, buildings artists’ reputations and curating collections.

  • Nick Crean, Founder


    Nick Crean


    Nick is a lifelong art collector with over 20 years’ experience at the helm of two successful businesses: the retail brand Prestat, and his award-winning documentary film-making production company, both of which he founded and ran in parallel. His experience combines a keen understanding of the power of the visual and the importance of narrative. Nick began his career running the private office of Charles and Maurice Saatchi, where he began collecting Modern British and American art. For seven years he has been a trustee and chair of The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST), one of the world’s leading craft organisations, and has a deep determination to promote artists and makers whose work inspires and excites.