Rupert Shrive was born in Norfolk in 1965 and trained at Norwich and St Martin’s. He divides his time between the UK, France and Spain, and has exhibited widely in Europe as well as in Hong Kong. This has included numerous solo shows at Serena Morton, London (2007-2017); an installation at the Courtauld East Wing (2011-2012), which was inspired by Goya’s Sleep of Reason; and a monumental rendition of the seven deadly sins at the Grand Palais Paris in 2010. He is currently preparing for his first solo museum show at the Maison de Balzac, Paris, in 2021.


Shrive is interested in the ‘cross-genre’ possibilities of art. His works often undertake a transformational journey, e.g. fragmenting his drawings into collages, or crushing his paintings into three-dimensional sculptures as the basis of a further still-life painting. This convoluted method of working – painting into sculpture and then back into painting – provides a rich exchange of ideas that comes full circle. 


Francis Bacon's biographer Michael Peppiatt included his interview with Rupert Shrive in his recent book 'Interviews with artists 1966 to 2012' under the 'School of London' section.