"Writing between the wars the German author, Herman Hesse wrote 'What you search is not necessarily the same as what you find. When you let go of the searching, you start finding' (Das Glasperlenspiel).
"There is a search in Amelia's work that pauses as only a memory might. Subjects are found in the everyday urban landscapes and vegetation filling our cities nudging into the human world like a conquering triffid. Her work edges towards the dystopian with an unsentimental realism, full of the pantheistic approach of artists like Paul Nash and the American painter and great friend of Edward Hopper, Charles Burchfield. These often dramatic pieces focus on shapes and colour, re-creating the memory of the extraordinary. As Amelia writes 'I work from my imagination, making drawings and paintings that derive from dreams and memories'."
- Nick Crean
December 2020