"Carolina trained as a textile artist at Chelsea College of Art. She concentrated on dyeing techniques and screen printing. Following the completion of her degree in 2003, Mazzolari opened her art studio in Milan while working as Head Designer, specialist in Textiles. Living and working in London since 2014, her multidisciplinary practice involves textile manipulation, printing, painting, photography, video and performance. She is inspired by psychoanalysis, intuition, cognition, human behaviour and emotional development.


"When you walk into Carolina's home and studio in Hackney it is full of artworks by both her and her husband Conrad Shawcross. She is welcoming and immediately informative, with a strong desire to tell us of what she is working on and how she has created her work. Her passion is all-consuming and fills you with the desire to find out more; each stich holds a considered thought. 


"Soft pink hues fill her studio space, the light falls on dusty pink walls, tapestries are suspended from the ceiling and laid out in front of us to view, each piece billows to the floor. We are very excited to show this initial group of works and look forward to discovering more from this talented artist."


- Clementine Perrins

December 2020