"On one of my many trips to Brooklyn, I was introduced to the world of Lauren Luloff. Her studio, overlooking an urban, unchanged suburban city scene scene, of railways lines and cables junctions, bordering Queens and Ridgewood, is a rhapsody of colour and lushness. 


"Her gentle silk landscape hangings capture the breeze, the landscapes, the nature, the natural forms and cultures of her memory. There is a peace amongst the urban pace of life. Hydrangeas, sunflowers, begonias, water lilies of Provence town, light on water, water lilies are so embedded in our western minds by the gardens at Givenchy; but Lauren's series of En Plein air watercolours bring a refreshment and hope particularly during these frightened times.


"Summer Wheat, now one of America's most prominent female painters, introduced us and I've always been drawn to an artist's artist. There is a language here every bit as beautiful as a song. Attracted by its heat and vibrance, my first acquisition was a small oil "Cactus". It has a simplistic boldness that radiates and a confidence of brushwork and intelligence that spoke so directly to me. It's American through and through. 


"Recently, I have added a Beech Forest watercolour to my collection. With the world loosing its balance, nature is a great solace. Bleach, dye, pastels, oils on canvas, discarded bed sheets, silk hangings, these mixed media works bringing an everyday fascination and reflection: out of debris great beauty can be reborn."


"'Purple the sails and so perfumed that the winds were love sick with them' one line from that great description of Cleopatra coming to meet Mark Anthony.  Leaving Lauren's studio where her talent gives so generously to the rest of the world, my student quotes came back to mind."


- Nick Crean

December 2020