Kate Braine is a London-based artist, who practices a wide range of mediums, including pottery, sculpture and design. After studying sculpture at City & Guilds School of Art, her career centred on bronze portrait busts and body casts. Subsequent courses in ceramics at the Park Walk and Marlborough schools led her to a fascination with pottery, on which her practice is now focused.


Kate has created portrait busts of well-known figures, including Sir David Tang, Ian Board and Francis Bacon. She produced a full-scale body cast of music legend, David Bowie, which was later shown at The Gallery in Cork Street within his one man exhibition, and was commissioned by Felix Dennis to produce a life-size sculpture of Chuck Berry. Kate’s works have also featured in exhibitions at Argile Gallery, Art for Mayfair and The Mall Galleries and have appeared in a number of charity auctions. 


Kate is also the founder of iconic jewellery company, Legge and Braine, with Charlotte Legge in 2003, following their time together at City & Guilds School of Art.