Melita Denaro

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"New Year’s Day 2022, I am lying in a four poster bed, wife and whippet at my side, in a fine Georgian farmhouse on the shores of Lough Swilly, Donegal. The New Year had been seen in earlier. The light, the whistling wind, the waves, the weather across the lough was in a constant change, a God-given dance. Atlantic wind, low winter sun, the sea blues and greys of the water, the livestock on the hill, all charmed me. And that’s how in a sense, some might say rather belatedly, I discovered the work of Melita Denaro.


"In the drawing room, downstairs was a small, glorious work which I had missed the evening before. Later that day, we had drinks with a great Irishman where I saw another work that simply mesmerised me. My continued exploration of this extraordinary talent led me to meet Melita in her Hackney home and later in her Bow studio. These pictures, so full of narrative, conversation, poetry, memory, romance, spirituality and the vibes and rhythms of Melita’s life in Inishowen Co. Donegal, North West Ireland, are remarkable jewels. I am honoured to bring you these to your attention.


"Melita Denaro (b. 1950) trained at the Central School of Art and The Royal Academy Schools. Her works are extensively held in public and private collections. She travels regularly between her London and Inishowen homes."


- Nick Crean

July 2022