Avoiding the Hodgepodge II

1 December 2021 - 31 January 2022

A year ago, we opened Crean & Company with a show entitled Avoiding the Hodgepodge. It therefore seems fitting as we bake the cake and light our first candle to launch Avoiding the Hodgepodge Part 2


This show presents some 30 works, introducing new artists and old friends to our company and collectors. Across paintings, drawings and watercolours, the connection remains unchanged: these are artists constantly observing life around them, digging deep for their inspiration, working with an intellectual rigour and a creative intelligent freedom. Most are artists I have known and collected for many years balanced with others I have added to my own collection more recently.


Crean & Company is simply about passing on to you the joy and pleasure of collecting. We hope you will share in the delights of our annual virtual Wunderkammer.


- Nick Crean