The Accommodations of Desire: A solo show of works by Alexander Nolan

12 August - 24 September 2021

Born in Milwaukee, Alexander Nolan studied at The New York Studio. We first met in Brooklyn where he was working in studios next to his artist wife Lauren Luloff.


Much of Alex’s painting technique is inspired by the collections held in the great museums of New York City. Bruegel's observations of humanity, the colour and fluidness of Matisse’s draughtsmanship, Dali’s surreal world, for instance, “The Accommodations of Desire” (whose title we have borrowed) and from Felix Vallotton's woodcuts of domestic life, with their flat open plains of colour. A palette of commercial colours, so blazed by film animators and storytellers: Tom and Jerry to The Simpsons.


His work pays homage to a great American tradition: full of a dark humour, unfinished stories of menace, salaciousness, secrecy and satire. For anyone familiar with the American cartoon- school of art, exemplified in The New Yorker, these pen and ink drawings stand out. Reminiscent of the great Charles Addams and his infamous family. Who can forget Gomez and Morticia, Uncle Fester, their butler Lurch, the youngest Pubert Addams and the macabre disembodied hand, Thing ? 


In Alexander’s work we meet his mind-friends and ghouls. “I enjoy walking through my mind as if it were a forest. I pick out here and there something of interest that I feel like expressing and exploring more deeply through the act of drawing. I am not trying to find anything in particular, other than my own bliss'. Playful or suspect, desires meets the devil, mischief amuses, humour confronts us and we laugh, we smile, sometimes when we shouldn’t, we know his characters far too well, they are as familiar as they are universal.


Alexander’s work has been widely exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions in New York, Chicago and Luxembourg. 


This is his first solo exhibition with Crean & Company.


- Nick Crean


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